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Games, Babysitters and your Baby

All children love playing and when you have a professional babysitter or caregiver at your place to take care of your little one, you can freely discuss some exciting games that she can play with your little one. Playing keeps little kids in high energy and give them hours of fun even when you are not at home.

Here are the popular games that your babysitters can play with your little one:

Bubble game
Simply blend soap and water in kid’s bath tub. Add a tablespoon of corn syrup and stir. With a bubble blower, you can create lots of bubbles and play games such as ount the bubbles, pop the bubbles and much more. These simple bubble games for toddlers can make them enjoy for hours with your babysitter.

Music Bottles

Place 5 bottles with small opening appearing in same size and colors. Fill in different quantities of water in every bottle and blow across the uncovered top. Each bottle will create a different musical sound engaging your child in the game. You may also try the same game using water glasses. Use a spoon to hit on the glass to make musical sounds.

When your little one will play these games with your babysitter, both will eventually form an affectionate bond that is what exactly you need, in your absence.

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Skills to be considered in your Babysitters

If you are a working parent and looking out for a babysitter to take care of little one in your absence, her training, skills and experience should be something that you certainly need to assess.

Child care skills
This is important for all parents to consider before hiring a babysitter for their children. Professional babysitters must know how to take care of the physical and psychological needs of child such as meal preparation, clothing, caring, hugging and loving and how to handle bedtime.

Safety and prevention of accidental injuries
When it comes to safety, your babysitter should be ware of the hazards in and around the home and how to deal with the dangers or risks, if occurred. They must know what they are supposed to do in cases if the child gets locked in a room, get injured or meet with an accident. to the child.

Play activities
The babysitters must have good knowledge about the games and playtime activities that child of each age might like. They must know how to use the games as educational tools for their kid.

Taking the time, effort and cost in hiring competent babysitters or child care providers will eventually pay off when you see your child growing up happy and smart.

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