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7 Tips for Taking Care of a New Born Baby

Taking care of a new born baby can be difficult for the new moms. By learning as much as possible about baby care, new mothers can reduce their worries and can ensure that their babies stay healthy all the time.

  1. Do breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding is very good for new born babies as it contains colostrums, substances that help build strong immune system. By providing your baby with your breast milk you can help your child grow healthy. Make sure that you eat healthy food to provide your baby with the essential vitamins and minerals.
  2. Keep your baby clean. You must change your baby’s diapers at regular intervals to avoid any irritation or allergy. Use soft baby wipes to wipe your baby’s private parts. You may also use soft cotton soaked in clean water or baby washcloth to clean the baby. Avoid using harsh clothes for cleaning as your baby’s skin is very gentle.
  3. It is very important to bath your baby. You can bathe them at alternate days if it is very cold. Add hot water to the tub if the weather is cold. Mix the water well and check it before bathing your baby. You can use bath thermometer or your knee to ensure that the temperature is just right for your baby.
  4. For bathing new born babies, you must use soap and shampoo recommended by the doctor. Since new born babies have very gentle skin, the soap and shampoo for them should be gentle and hypoallergenic. Do not use any perfumed deodorants or bath essentials. Bathe your new born baby quickly and as soon you are done, wrap the baby in the towel.
  5. Buy the right clothing for your baby. Clothes for new babies should be very soft and comfortable. Depending on the season, you may buy clothes made of cotton or wool. Avoid buying synthetic fabrics as they can cause rashes on your baby’s sensitive skin. Since you may need to change your baby’s clothes several times in a day, avoid buying clothes that are difficult to put on. For the first few months, buy body suits as they are comfortable to wear all day long and are easy to put on and take off.
  6. Sleeping is very important for babies as they experience the maximum growth while sleeping. To ensure that your babies sleep comfortably, you must buy the right bed, bed sheets, and blankets. Put your baby in the right sleeping position. It is advisable to place new born babies on their back while sleeping as babies who sleep on their stomach have a higher risk from SIDS-Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  7. Always sanitize your hands while touching or carrying your baby to prevent dirt and pollutants from touching your baby. Never leave your child unattended. If you need to go to kitchen or washroom, make sure that there is someone to attend the baby.

If you are not too confident about taking care of your new born baby, hire a professional nanny or baby sitter. A professional nanny or baby sitter will provide you baby care tips to keep your little bundle of joy happy.

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7 Ways to Keep a Nanny Happy [Infographic]

Nanny’s & Granny’s is renowned Nanny Agency in Las Vegas and providing excellent local babysitters in Las Vegas. They presents wonderful Infographic titled “7 Ways to Keep a Nanny Happy” which aims to guide parents on how to keep their nannies happy. Since parents-nanny relationship is vital in the upbringing of a baby, this Infographic will help them to understand their Nanny better.

7 Ways to Keep a Nanny Happy Infographic by Nanny4u

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Tips to Keep your Babysitter Happy

Today, it is very challenging to find a trust worthy individual who can look after your kid in your absence. Even when you find an ideal babysitter for your child, keeping her happy is a daunting task.

However, it is your sheer responsibility to keep your babysitter happy so that she can perform her tasks with utmost care and your baby remains happy with her while you are away.

Tips to keep your babysitter happy:

  • Reward her with monetary benefits along with emotional Babysitters are also human beings and prepare themselves to stay with an unknown family. Thus, if you also want to retain her with loyalty, it is wise to reward her for her good performance with some monetary benefits once or twice in a year. Other tips to keep her happy include allowing her sleep on a good bed, eat anything that she likes to, increasing her vacation time and so on.
  • Offer her heartiest respect By giving her heartiest respect you can not only win the heart of your babysitter but you will be able to earn her trust over your family. She will become more loyal towards your child and your family in return.

Even a well-trained babysitter arrives your family, keep her happy so that she can keep your baby happy when you are away.

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Interviewing Nannies

Whether you are hiring a qualified and professional nanny or an unprofessional one, it is imperative to consider the interview carefully. You must make a clear list of questions that should be asked to get a clear idea of the nanny’s skills, experience, background and reliability. The interview should hence be well planned and must cover the important points. Here are some of the essential points to cover while interviewing nannies:

 Ask for experience

Determine how many kids has the applicant looked after in the past including their key responsibilities and reasons for leaving.

 Ask for employment history

Ask the employment history of the nanny. Make a note of any gaps in their employment history and try to know the reasons of those gaps.

 Discuss about the discipline strategy

While interviewing nannies, do discuss how the behavior of your children will be managed, what will be the discipline strategy while she will look after your kids.

 Ask about the safety

Ask the applicant about the safety issues and measures that she will use during emergencies. Getting the perfect nanny for your childis a challenging task. However, these questions can help you to get an idea about making a wise decision.

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