What you should expect from your Nanny?

It is not easy to hire a nanny as a caretaker of your child. But once you are done with it, the job is only done. This is true for parents who are leaving their children in the care of a nanny for the first time.

However, if you have hired your nanny from reputable housekeeping services of your area, you should put your fears at ease and let your nanny do her job. But, here are several childcare requirements you should expect from your nanny:

•    That your nanny arrives on time for work.
•    That she notifies you in a timely fashion if she is not coming or will be late in arriving.
•    That she informs you about the child’s activities and various habits.
•    That she provides positive environment for your child and behaves in a sensible way.
•    That she respects your privacy and behave in a professional manner with you and your children.
•    That she keeps informing you about the up to date on any significant milestones, changes and issues regarding your children.

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