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Convention FAQS

Take the stress and worry out of your convention child care needs. Have Nanny's & Granny's provide safe, quality and cost effective on-site care for the children of your organization. Providing quality care makes good sense. Insurance regulations prohibit children under the age of 16 on most convention floors. By providing a safe, fun alternative to the children of your visitors, you are making a statement that says you are in tune with not only their professional needs but with their most basic personal needs as well.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding convention care.

Does Nanny's & Granny's provide service outside of the Las Vegas area?

  • Due to popular demand, Nanny's & Granny's offers services throughout the USA.

Who provides the physical space and how much room do you need?

  • You reserve a certain area at your convention site for the service. We have some suggestions and basic requirements. For example, we must be close to the restrooms and the room should be in a low traffic area. Generally 35 square foot per child is a reasonable space. In addition, if we are providing child care for infants. It works best if we can divide the room into separate areas for the older and younger children.

What equipment will you require?

  • Generally the minimum requirements are some tables and chairs for the children, a registration area, and two televisions, one with a DVD or VCR and a sofa or two for nursing mothers. If infant care is provided, we will also require some cribs.

What hours will the youth hospitality suite operate?

  • Since Nanny's & Granny's bill on a per hour basis, you set the times. All times of operation must be set well in advance of the actual convention dates to insure proper staffing.

Won't the children be bored?

  • Heavens NO!!! Parents are always surprised when the children wake them up early to be taken to the youth hospitality center so they don't miss any of the fun. Daily activities include art projects, craft projects, Nintendo games, music games and rehearsing the show that the children put on for their parents at the end of the week.

Where does Nanny's & Granny's get their staff?

  • Nanny's & Granny's maintain a core staff of professional convention supervisors. Our baby room supervisor is a veteran at convention care. All of our regular staff are CPR certified and all of our staff have background checks and Clark County health cards. Supplementary staff are drawn from our staff of professional licensed sitters, our nannies in training and our professional nannies. Nanny's & Granny's is fully licensed and bonded In addition, there is always at least one administrative staff on site during convention hours.

What about after hours care?

  • Nanny's & Granny's will be happy to provide after hour care through our licensed sitter service.

What services can you provide?

  • Nanny's & Granny's is proud to offer the following services: Care for adults and children with special needs. For that really special event, Nanny's & Granny's can provide clowns, on site entertainment, D.Js, magicians, games, prizes and decorations and care givers for the themed parties.

How much will child care cost?
For an estimate of charges please submit the Corporate Convention Form.