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Family In Need of A Nanny

The Bad News
It's a Jungle Out There!!!
The Good News
Nanny's & Granny's Can Help

Welcome, you are about to begin the process of searching for a Nanny. Selecting quality childcare is a critically important and sometimes daunting task. Relax, with Nanny's & Granny's at your side you can rest assured that you have a partner committed to finding the best quality fully screened, CPR certified, health department checked, Nanny to fit your circumstances. For additional information be certain to check our Rates, FAQ, and Guide To The Placement Process pages. Also of interest are our A Note On Drug Screening and A Note On Video Surveillance areas.

Shortly, you will be asked to fill out our Client Preference Form. Please fill the form out completely. The more we know about you and the position that you are offering the better we can help you to find that Perfect Nanny.

After the forms are completed and screening fees have been paid, you will be offered a password that will enable you to access Nanny's & Granny's Online Nanny Profile Area. There you will find profiles of available nannies and a form to allow you to request interviews with the nannies of your choice.

If you have additional questions regarding this process please feel free to call us at 702-364-4700.