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Welcome to Nanny's & Granny's Licensed Sitter Service alias Baby Sitting Services at Las vegas which is one of the oldest and the most-cared sitting service in Las Vegas.

Nanny's & Granny's has been serving the Las Vegas Community since 1987. Our professional sitters have undergone comprehensive background checks and have been screened by the Clark County Health Department. All of our baby sitters are CPR certified.

A distinguishing feature of Nanny's & Granny's is a company tradition of encouraging continuing education. All baby sitters are encouraged to join Nevada Registry as well as to attend classes in the areas of health, safety and communication skills. In addition Nanny's & Granny's opens their regular nanny training classes to all sitters to train them for providing best-in-class baby sitting services in Las Vegas.


Levels of Service

  • Classic Sitters are the most recent additions to our team and have completed between one and three entry level training classes. Classic baby sitters arrive with books and a play pack to entertain your children.
  • VIP baby Sitters have completed a minimum of 12 months experience working with children and have completed at least three-entry level training classes as well as at least 10 hours of advanced training classes. VIP Sitters arrive with books, a play pack and craft activities to keep your children entertained while you work or play.
  • Elite Baby Sitters have completed a minimum of 24 months working with children and have completed at least three-entry level training classes as well as at least 20 hours of advanced training classes. Elite Sitters arrive with books, a play pack, craft activity, art activity and a Nanny's & Granny's tee shirt for your child.
  • Special Needs Baby Sitters are available on a limited basis with advance notice. Rates for Special Needs Sitters are determined on a per case basis.



Rates for 1 or 2 children based on a 4 hour minimum are as follows:
Classic Sitter - $25.00 per hour ($100.00 minimum)
VIP Sitter - $35.00 per hour ($140.00 minimum)
Elite Sitter - $40.00 per hour ($160.00 minimum)

$20.00 per hour ($80.00 minimum)

$20.00 Agency Fee ($12.00 per hour) with
annual membership.


Limits Of Service

Babysitters and caregivers at Las vegas take care of children and adults on a limited basis. They will warm up a meal for your children, but generally do not cook. They do not clean house, if you want housekeeping services please see rates under our Housekeeping Services section. They do not do laundry or any general household service. They are there to keep your child or senior safe and happy during your absence. If you require special services please email us and we will be happy to see if we can accommodate you. Due to liability considerations, sitters are not permitted to bathe children.


Special Conditions

  • Distance Fees: Nanny's & Granny's charges distance fees for services in Boulder City ($20.00), Pahrump ($20.00), and Stateline ($25.00). All services in these areas must be guaranteed with a credit card.

  • Holidays: Rates are slightly higher on holiday weekends. please call for holiday rates at 702-364-4700 or email us at .

  • When booking online please be advised that the minimum time frame allotted to ensure availability is 12 hours. After booking online, if Nanny's and Granny's has not contacted you, please contact our office at (702) 364.4700 to confirm your appointment.