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Welcome to Nanny's & Granny's, Las Vegas' oldest and most respected Nanny Placement Agency. Nanny's & Granny's has been serving the Las Vegas Community for over 25 years. Nanny's & Granny's is a client fee based agency so there is never a fee to the nanny for placement.

This site is specially designed to provide maximum exposure of your application to both local and national families interested in hiring a nanny. It is our firm belief that there is a nanny for every family and a family for every nanny and it is our mission to find and introduce these individuals to one another. Nanny's & Granny's offers a profile posting service. If you would like Nanny's & Granny's to post your profile please call the office for details. 702-364-4700

Before we begin to search for that perfect family for you there are several steps you must complete. Please be certain to check our Rate, FAQ, and Placement Guide For Nannies pages. Also of interest are nanny's & Granny's Drug Screen Policy, and about Video Surveillance areas of the site.

Shortly, you will be asked to fill out our Application & Applicant Information, Applicant Contract, Personality Assessment & Background Check forms. All forms must be completed before we can begin to search for a position for you. Once we have received all forms you will be called to make arrangements for a personal interview and photo session if you live in the Las Vegas area, or to arrange a telephone or on line interview if you live outside the greater Las Vegas Metropolitan area. Nanny's & Granny's offers three Nanny Nook Training Classes free of charge to increase the probability that you will be placed in a fine position. These classes are available free to our local nannies and to out of state nannies on CD for a slight charge to cover production costs and the price of shipping.

If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to call at (702) 364-4700 between the hours of 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
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