Nanny Training Program

We want to give a warm welcome to new and existing nannies! You have taken the first step to setting yourself apart from other nannies and increasing your potential for a lifelong career. Nanny’s & Granny’s Comprehensive Nanny Training Program is designed to permit individuals to pass the International Nanny Association Credential Exam with ease. We are a fully licensed and proprietary program, a member of the American Council Of Nanny Schools, The International Nanny Association, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Nanny’s & Granny’s has been providing quality nanny training for over 35 years. Our 600 hour program is designed to provide early childhood development training, in an easy to learn format to nannies of all experience levels.

If you are a family that has an existing nanny, it is important that they stay up to date with the best practices and educational development for your children. We offer a variety of options and a flexible learning schedule so that your nanny’s education won’t interrupt your current child care and schedule.

Topics covered, include, but are not limited to: Human Growth and Development, Health, Safety, Nutrition, Family Dynamics, Parent-Caregiver Relationships, Play; The Work of Children, Job Skills, and Laboratory Activities. A hands on practicum, is an important program element which allows students to put their newly learned skills into practice.

Lessons are divided into modules which can be completed at the nanny’s own pace. This flexibility permits even the busiest nanny to complete the entire course.

We offer a variety of payment options to nannies wishing to complete the course, we believe that the investment in every nanny’s career will be fully worthwhile. For students in the Las Vegas area, Nanny’s & Granny’s offers student positions to help defray tuition costs.

Upon completion of the course, Nanny’s & Granny’s will be happy to assist and represent nannies in their search for the perfect placement.