Brought to you by Nanny’s & Granny’s. Pools of all sizes pose a risk to unattended kids, small inflatable pools for toddlers or full-sized inground pools. Even at your local community pool where lifeguards are on duty, they have many children to keep track of. Hiring a BABYSITTER, someone vigilant about watching your children, provides an extra pair of eyes and peace of mind! Nanny’s & Granny’s sitters are CPR and first aid certified/trained and always ensure parents are okay with taking the kids swimming first. They bring swimwear for themselves so that they can be in the water also and not just standing on the outside looking in. If a special request is made the sitters can bring towels or sunscreen. They even make it a fun by preparing 1 or 2 games to play while ensuring the kids are constantly supervised around water. They never leave the kids alone—not even for a second. If the sitters are watching children locally, they keep all gates and doors locked in/around the home, making sure that pools and Jacuzzi’s are not accessible and that children only have access when supervised. When around the pool, they enforce general pool rules and those specific to the parents’ wishes, like no running, no jumping/diving in the shallow end, no pushing others into the pool, etc. allowing everyone to stay safe. Sitters bring a cell phone for emergencies and ensure they have reception. They also keep the kids safe from the sun by applying sunscreen of at least SPF15 with UVA and UVB protection that is reapplied as directed. For babies, sitters always wipe hands, face, eyes carefully and check swim diapers regularly. Sitters can bring a bag to hold all the goods (goggles, hair ties/combs, sandals, locks or coins for lockers, water, snacks and toys). Nanny’s & Granny’s treats you like family! Nanny’s & Granny’s |

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